#1 Play your worlds everywhere you go! Owning a Gameband for Minecraft allows users to play their Minecraft worlds on any computer they want. The Gameband has a USB connection where users can plug it into the computer and directly access their account. Along with being able to use the account with the band, it can also be used to store personal information if there is something in particular a player need to save while they are browsing the web.

#2 Splash proof! As most users of Minecraft are children, the Gameband technology was created to be splash proof in case the device comes in contact with liquids. Although the Gameband cannot be fully submerged in water, it is fully protected out in the rain or if something is spilled on it. Keep in mind that the device is only considered to be splash proof when it is fully closed, so be sure that it is connected securely around your wrist.

#3 Excellent battery power. After the Gameband is fully charged, the screen can be used for up to two weeks! This is based on using the screen only up to 20 times a day. Therefore, if it is used more than 20 times, the battery will not last the full two-week period.

#4 Become the top Minecraft player. For anyone that plays Minecraft frequently, the Gameband is almost necessary to become a top player in the game. While Gameband owners are out roaming around town, they can easily stop by their local library or a friends house to make adjustments to their world or bump themselves up a level by simply plugging it into the computers USB port.

#5 All around fun! With the new Gameband for Minecraft, users can create and share a large variety of wearable animations and manage their mods at any given time. This makes the world of Minecraft simple to access for users and also gives them the chance to show their game creativity by the ability to customize their screen.